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Sat 10th September 2011


Dear Colleagues,

Most Martial Arts have, over the last 20, or so years, become more and more estranged from the original core tenets of their conception. Some have become so distanced from the Martial Mind-Set that, apart from the physical connection of movements that 'look like kicks and punches', there appears to be no real connection to the Survival Aspect of the Arts. The onset of burgeoning Legal constraints, over the last two decades, has seen the once Noble Martial Arts, slowly reduced to Calisthenics, and Fitness Programmes. If we look around us, very few 'Martial Arts' clubs actually incorporate into their training formats, the Psychology and Physiology of Conflict...what happens to the Body when it is exposed to a Conflict situation. Most Self-Defence Training passes for 'playing out' silly scenarios, light-years removed from the split-second, unpredictable, violent explosions that can so often happen on 'The Street'. The Association is holding a Mass Session Course, on SAT 10th SEPT, at the St Peters Hall, L'boro titled...'The Art of Tetsudo and The Street' in which some of these issues will be addressed. The Course contents will explore, and highlight, how the training we do, at Club level, has direct applications, and implications, to events that can happen on The Street. I encourage all students of the Art Form, irrespective of their Grade, to attend this Course, because I will endeavour to provide the Historical, and Practical basis of the Basics, Kedh Formats, Freestyle, and Conditionin, thus enabling students, and Instructors, to relate, and connect more effectively with the training in our club classes. I look forward to seeing everyone on SAT 10th SEPT.


B S Dhaliwal.

The Venue will be- St Peters Commuity Centre, Storer Rd, Loughborough

Time: 2.00pm to 5.00pm - Cost: £5.00

Open to All registered students over 16yrs of age

Please submit names to Tim Russell at least 1 week before course date. Tim can be contacted through your instructor at the Friday night Blac-Belt training, or by e-mail at tim.russell@tetadmin.co.uk


Special Birthdays for Special Black-Belts


Here is a picture of both Ustad Peter Hipkin (85) and Ustad Kevin Jackson (50) celebrating their special birthdays with their Black Belt colleagues at the Friday night session in Loughborough. Both these individuals have been training for many years and have shown great dedication. Many happy returns to you both.

2011 Tetsudo Holiday in Turkey

Here is a picture taken from the Tetsudo Family Holiday to OluDeniz in Turkey. A weather was fantastic and a great time was had by all. Whilst away, the group celebrated with Master Trevor Brindley on his 7th year anniversary of his 7th Degree, presenting him with a unique gift to mark the occasion. Birthday Celebrations.

Bonjour from Lao

Tetsudo enthusiast Thomas Mercier e-mailed this picture on Sunday, May 22nd 2011, 01:21 PM from Northern Lao, on his travels in the far east. He sent it to his London Tetsudo friends, who have passed it on for the Web-site.

Thomas says - "I went for a trek a week or so ago and ended up at a remote village where there's no electricity or running water. just bamboo huts, "food" running around, and a rice field. "

 And also, by the looks of it, williing students for an impromptu Tetsudo class.

 Black Belts 28th Anniversary Celebrations

Here are some pictures of the 28th year celebration as black belts of Trevor Brindley, Martin Sharrat, Colin Smith and Phil Ledger
Celebrations started at the end of the black belt training session on Friday 13th May 2011 with sandwich and nibbles at the Old English Gentlemen Pub and finished on Sunday 15th May 2011, with a great lunch at the Dog & Duck, Old Clipstone, near Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Phil Ledger who joined us for lunch was also presented with their first degree black belt on 1st May 1983, at the Pink Coconut night club in Derby.

Black Belt Grading Success

Congratulations to Garnett Holeness, Natalie Heaton and Paul Gascoyne
The Tetsudo Association extends CONGRATULATIONS to Ustad Garnett Holeness for his promotion to the Rank of 3rd Degree Black-Belt. Ustadan Natalie Heaton for promotion to 2nd Degree and Ustad Paul Gascoyne to 2nd Degree. The result was announced after a 2 hr gruelling examination under the watchful eyes of Masters Brindley, Tony and Martin in which every aspect of their Art was placed under fine scrutiny.

Ustad Dhaliwal expressed that "..he was extremely happy for Garnett, Natalie and Paul on their promotions. They are fantastic role-models for ALL students both in their excellent technical skills and their caring, courteous and friendly conduct within the Association....great Ambassadors of the Art"
Well Done Garnett, Natalie and Paul.

  Seven New Black-Belts!

New BBs
On Sat 2nd April the Tetsudo Association was proud host to the Presentation Ceremony of 7 new Black-Belt Graduates...Ustads Lloyd Hamilton, Martin Murray, Alex Smith, Matt Hopper, Justin Leal, Ken Snow and Simon Watts.
Senior Instructor Ustad Michael Newton compeered the evening preceding each candidates presentation with a training history and the candidates personal expressions of gratitude and thanks to the people who have given them help, support and teaching along their long personal journeys. After the Presentation of the coveted Black-Belt round their waist the new graduands were presented with unique limited edition gifts to mark this event for them...the gifts were individually designed and constructed by Master Tony Francis with the help of David and Patsy Gibbs.
The formal ceremony was brought to a wonderful culmination with an exciting and energetic demonstration by the new Black-Belts after which the 'real celebrations' began and the evening went late into the night with much fun, laughter and merriness.
The Tetsudo Association and all its Membership congratulates and proudly salutes Ustads LLoyd Hamilton, Martin Murray, Alex Smith, Ken snow, Matt Hopper, Justin Leal and Simon Watts on their achievement.


Long-Eaton Training
The Association Mass Training held at Long Eaton on Sat 9th April was so well attended by students and Instructors alike and so successful in it's content and learning benefit for everyone that it will surely rank as one of the key Events of 2011.
The training hall at the Leisure Centre was not large enough to accommodate everyone...but...we were blessed with a lovely day of Spring sunshine...so Senior Instructors made the decision for everyone to train outdoor on the park adjacent to the Centre. Wow!! what an exhilarating experience that was. To be training, moving, practicing Kedh, Self-Defence scenarios and so much more outside in the sunshine with a gentle breeze was wonderful....just how the Art was originally meant to be practiced.
.After extensive work on Kedh, self-defence followed by 'contact and accuracy' drills under the watchful eyes of Masters Trevor Brindley, Martin Sharrat, Ustads Bal Singh and Nigel Law there was a 30 mins Freestyle Blitz with every student pairing with a Black- Belt....that was great fun!!
A massive "Thank You" to all the Black-Belts who turned out to help the students.
The 3rd (and final) Mass Session for 2011 will be held in Aug/Sept. Details will be communicated as soon as a suitable venue is booked. Keep checking the Assn web-page!


Was held on Sun 27th Feb 2011 at the Bedford Tetsudo Club, at
The Village Hall, Bedford Road, Marston Moretaine, Bedford
The Association held it's first of the three planned Mass Sessions at Bedford on Sun 27th Feb. It was a fabulous day attended by over 58 students of all Grades from White to Black Belt. Students came from as afar as London and Sheffield....Well Done Guys & Gals!! The lesson was conducted by Ustad B.S.Dhaliwal assisted by Master Trevor Brindley. Ustad Dhaliwal started the lesson by emphasising to everyone in the hall the vital importance of the Basic Techniques and he emphasised this by pointing out to students that to this day, after over 50 years of training in the Art Form, he still rigorously and diligently practices his Basic Movements every day! ....and still feels that he can improve on them!!
The whole lesson was packed full of Learning for everyone and the Ustads brought us closer physically, emotionally and intellectually to our techniques.
It was a great Day and everyone had so much fun. A big "Thank You" to Ustads Eric Masih and Ian Macguinness and family for being such fantastic hosts and providing all the drink and food refreshments after the hard session.
We look forward to seeing everyone on the next Mass Session Event on
SAT 9th April   2.00pm - 5.00pm
The West Park Leisure Centre,
Long Eaton, Notts.

 Black Belts 5th Birthday Celebrations

Ian MacGuinness, David Jackson, Jay Stewart,  Arun Dhaliwal, Mark Smith, and Lee Corbett
passed their Black-Belt Gradings 5 years ago, and all but Mark and Lee, met up to celebrate the 5th aniversarry.

Black Belts
We, as a group, would like to thank everyone, ranging from white-belt to black-belts, and even those who do not train in the art of tetsudo, for being involved in our preparation, and thank you all for your support. We, as a group, like to tribute and honour Master Vivian Dhaliwal who conducted the prepararion group. We also would like to make special thanks to Diane Davey (who assissted Vivian with the prep course):  without these two individual's planting the seeds of motivation, and believe in ourselves, we would not have achieved this grade, and would not have grown to be who we are today.

As this year passes through it's twilight and comes to a close, a New Year dawns and beckons new adventures and experiences. The Association Annual Party and Demonstration is the Premier Event of the Year which brings together the Achievements of the previous years and the Aspirations of the next. It is a truly great event of fun, dance, laughter and magical thrills to which family and friends should be invited so that they may share in your Interest. Members past and present often talk about the legendary Association Parties of years gone by...don't miss the 2011 Event and one day You can say "I was there!".....an annual event NOT to be missed.

The 2011 Annual Association Party was held at:
Loughborough Indoor Bowls Centre,
Browns lane,
SAT  8th  JAN   2011   7.00pm - midnight

Grading Success

After the huge success of the National Competition 2010, the Tetsudo Association is pleased to announce the results following several gradings in the Midlands Area.  Well done and congratulations to all.
Loughborough / Leicester Area Junior Grading Sunday 28th November 2010

Lucinda Beardsley            Queniborough                 Yellow
Martin Bishton                  Kirk Hallam                    Purple
Jane Brooke                     Queniborough                 Green Tag
John Brooke                     Queniborough                 Blue
David Burton                    Shepshed                       Green
Kane Cooper                     Thurmaston                   Blue
Oliver Cooper                   Thurmaston                   Green
Katie Dodd                       Melton Mowbray            Green Tag
James Eling                      Shepshed                       Green
Alessandro Fele                 St Peters Loughborough  Yellow
Roberto Fele                     St Peters Loughborough  Green Tag
Benjamin Fisher                 Melton Mowbray            Green Tag
Stephen Fisher                  West Bridgford               Yellow
Patrick Galbraith               Melton Mowbray             Green Tag
James Greenleaf               Shepshed                        Green
Tom Holdich                     Shepshed                       Blue
Aaron Jackson                   Melton Mowbray           Yellow Tag
Paul Jackson                    Melton Mowbray            Yellow
Jack Jamieson                   Shepshed                      Yellow
David Kilbourne                Thurmaston                   Yellow
Elliott Kilbourne                Thurmaston                   Green
Megan Kilbourne               Thurmaston                   Blue
Parisha Kubavat                Thurmaston                   Yellow
Isabella Cooper                 Thurmaston                   Blue
Hina Mistry                       East Goscote                 Blue
Christian Paparozzi             St Peters Loughborough  Green Tag
Mahesh Parmar                 St Peters Loughborough  Green Tag
Rajiv Parmar                     St Peters Loughborough  Green Tag
Paul Phizacklea                 Melton Mowbray            Green
Ian Rowe                        Melton Mowbray             Purple
Karl Stone                       Thurmaston                     Blue
Lewis Stone                    Thurmaston                     Green
Brandon Swinfield            New Parks                      Blue
Anthony Thorpe               Shepshed                        Yellow
Nick Wardle                     Queniborough                 Yellow
Jack Warner                     St Peters Loughborough   Yellow
Senior Grading Sunday 21st November 2010

Rowena Campbell   Melton Mowbray       Senior Brown
Maz Smith               Long Eaton              Senior Brown
Derby / Nottingham Area Junior Grading Tuesday 23rd November 2010

Laura Eccles          Worksop             Yellow
Lesley Eccles         Worksop              Yellow
Hamish Elliott         ICC Nottingham    Green
Geoff Heaton          Worksop              Yellow
Hannah Musto         Worksop              Yellow
Tom Ownsworth     ICC Nottingham    Purple
Michael Rooney       Long Eaton           Purple
Susan Storer            Derby - Heanor     Purple
Derby / Nottingham Area Children's Junior Grading Saturday 27th November 2010

Henry Henshaw      Ilkeston Manor          Blue Tag
Ann Phillips            Ilkeston Manor          Purple
Amy Baker              Ilkeston Manor         Purple

2010 British Tetsudo Championships

Black Belts
The National Competition, was held, this year, at Loughborough Leisure Centre on Sunday, 14th November, 2010, and was a very enjoyable event with competitors of all ages, grades, and abilities, bringing out their best performances for the day.  As usual the event was very well organised, and ran like clock-work throughout the day.  The picture shows Tim Russell receiving the Eric Hayreh Award, in recognition of his services to the Tetsudo Association in organising the event.  The winners list is available on the link below, and a slide show is now available below from the many excellent photographs taken by Lloyd Hamilton.  If any one else has photos from the day, they are welcome to submit them for inclusion.

Winners List

 Black Belt Classes in Bedford

Black Belts
The Bedford Tetsudo Club has an illustrious history going back over 30 years. The club, under the guidance of Senior Ustad Eric Masih has produced students of calibre many of whom have gone on to become Black-Belts and Instructors themselves...Kulwinder, Paban and Ian Macguines.
Over the month of Oct the Bedford Club played host to the Black-Belt Class normally held on Fridays in Loughborough. Ustad Dhaliwal said " Clubs and Instructors in outlying areas of the Association must sometimes feel a little isolated from the main East-Midlands based hub of the Organisation. I feel it is incumbent upon all of us to support such Instructors, Clubs and Members so that at all times they feel part of the Greater Tetsudo Family and as such can fully benefit from all the values of the Noble Art of Tetsudo".
It has been a wonderful month of really detailed and informative work on Kedh, Breaking Techniques and Freestyle but above all it's also been great fun! Our colleagues Neal, Sam amd Matt from the London Area were also able to attend. However, if you go and visit the Bedford Club beware of Ustad Eric's suggestion of..."...let's go for a drink to this nice pub I know, just a few minutes from here!!!

Black Belt Competition

Black Belts

On Saturday 2nd October, the Black Belt Eliminations were held in relation to the forthcoming Tetsudo British National Championships on November 14th

The event was held in Lbro where the performances were very good and a  pleasure to watch. A great day was had by all who attended. The event started with the Black Belt Kedh and after some excellent performances which gave the judging panel a very difficukt task, the 8 finalists were decided.So close was this event that there had to be play offs for the final placings

Black Belt Kedh Finalists

Tim Russell, Sam Fazakerley, Natalie Heaton, Neil Shegog, David Jackson, Arun Dhaliwal, Ian Walker, Richard Johnson.

The next event was the Fusion Freestyle and after several bouts which were very evenly balanced with some excellent performances displaying a full range of various hand and leg techniques, the 8 finalists were decided

Black Belt Fusion Freestyle Finalists

Matt Kendrick,Tim Russell, Ian Walker, Neil Shegog, Dev Dhaliwal, Gary Mead, Arun Dhaliwal, Matt Ealing

Finally the Competative Freestlye event and after again several bouts which were again very evenly balanced, the 8 finalists were decided

Black Belt Competative Freestyle Finalists

Gary Mead, Matt Kendrick,Arun Dhaliwal, John Hall, Dev Dhaliwal, Sam Fazakerley,Neil Shegog, Matt Robinson

On behalf of the Tetsudo Association "A big thankyou to all the competitors who participted in this event "  - Martin Sharratt

Black Belt Grading Success

On Friday 24th September, Master's Trevor Brindley, Tony Francis and Martin Sharratt conducted a grading for several Instructors from the Nottingham, Derby and Leicester Areas at the Loughborough HQ.  Following their examination the following promotions have been awarded:-

Ustad John Hall to the Rank of 2nd Degree
Ustad Kalabindar Singh to the Rank of 2nd Degree
Ustad Dave Armstrong to the Rank of 2nd Degree
Ustad David Jackson to the Rank of 2nd Degree
Ustadan Marion Clifford to the Rank of 2nd Degree

Black Belt Grading Success

On Sun 5th Sept Master's B S Dhaliwal, Trevor Brindley and Martin Sharratt trevelled to the London Tetsudo Club to conduct a grading for the Instructors. After a demanding examination of Fundamental Techniques, Kedh, Freestyle and Breaking Events the Senior Ustad's were unanimous in promoting:
          Ustad Matt White and Ustad Sam Fazakerly to the Rank of 2nd Degree.
                           Ustad Neal Shegog to the Rank of 3rd Degree.
Ustad Dhaliwal went on to say that... " Instructors ( and their students ) in outlying areas, somewhat removed from the 'hub' of the Midlands, face great difficulties in keeping up-to-date with developments in the Association and the Art Form as a whole. However, in spite of these difficulties Neal, Matt and Sam have done a fantastic job in maintaining such a vibrant club with such high standards. I am so proud of them ".
                Congratulations to NEAL, SAM and MATT on their Achievment